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ABL 9Blood Gas Analyzer

Making The Complicated Simple

Blood gas testing is a sophisticated science. And it’s an important asset for any modern hospital that wants to improve the quality of their overall patient care. With accurate blood gas analysis you are able to diagnose and treat critically ill patients with confidence.

So, imagine if you as a doctor had direct access to a clever blood gas analyzer. Imagine it being both easy to use and able to deliver fast and reliable test results on 8 critical parameters using only 70 μL of blood. That’s what we imagined at Radiometer, and why we developed the ABL9 blood gas analyzer.To simplify your daily operations we made the clever simple – and affordable!

How and why can the ABL9 analyzer help you?

The ABL9 analyzer has a small footprint and it has huge potential. Based on proven sensor technology and high analytical performance it is a plug-and-play solution that allows for easy and intuitive testing. Simply by following the on-screen step-by-step user guidance you can run patient samples on the ABL9 analyzer and receive clear information on acid-base balance, oxygen uptake, oxygen transport, tissue oxygenation and electrolyte status. In no time you have the input you need to make the right diagnostic decisions for your critically ill patients!